MA 'Digital Games: Design And Theory' studied at Brunel University 2008-2009
The aim of the Dissertation is to identify fresh ways to instill rhythm within videogames, and the future potential where technology and dance fuse. It explores how Rhythm Games offer a seductive way of man / machine interface. The percussive attribute of electronic music is perfect for what is envisioned - songs composed from a Hypertext perspective that will still sound like a coherent contextual whole, even with different elements remixed in real time by a Player. This is the foundation and verves into heavy theoretical territory...
...and this is the toned down, pragmatic proposal. This Document designs around the room for innovation in the evolving medium of dance orientated games - games that will mine data from a moving body, and reward it for rhythmic control.
A special extension to the mammoth Dissertation task that will one day be completed.
A conceptual Design Document for an original game. This focuses on education in an entertaining fashion.
A reflection on the creative process that was involved in the creation of the Theatre of Dreams.
An essay that deconstructs the worlds of Squaresoft's two RPGs and offers potential insights into how and why they were constructed in that order.
An essay that studies the classic bipolar Treasure shoot 'em-up in detail including mechanics and aesthetics.
An investigation into what makes a Hardcore gamer. It seeks to answer questions with regards to the Western videogame audience split.