Flash Work

Such stylistic visual flourishes as the animation of a horizontal plane of water and its reflection was relatively easy in Flash - but as HTML5 catches up it is proving to be the most future-proof Front End technology to concentrate in.

In this Foundation responsive-grid framework it has become apparent that Flash files will not correctly display as designed - so seperate non-responsive pages will need to be created for each project. In the mean time, please click on the following links to find them where they are currently hosted. These are best viewed on a Desktop, if you can get them to even run on a Mobile or Tablet device!

Slot Machine

Wild West themed Slot Machine Prototype, designed for a Test. Four reel symbols, a logo, a control panel and a background were all necessary completions.

Misys Webmap

Interactive Map Banner for Misys Banking IT Solutions. A Freelance project undertaken after being passed on. Programmed in ActionScript 2.

Lucky Banner

A Leprechaun themed banner designed to advertise a fictional Slot Machine. Assets are presented in a larger format, then click the right clapper-board for the banner.

Train Blader Game

'Train Blader' is an original Rhythm Game that attempts to fuse the linear music video with the interactive. It was designed on the Postgrad Masters course at Brunel. Programmed in Actionscript 2. To see how it was originally designed for Mobile, please click here. For a detailed Design Document, please click here. To view the Evaluation report, please click here.

Shoot-Em-Up Game

Incomplete Vertical Scrolling Rhythm Shoot-'Em-Up. Whilst deconstructing how to build Music Visualisers in Flash, an idea was struck how the walls of a game could move with Music. Only the bare basics currently exist, but it is enough to allow a flavour of what to expect if it is ever a project to be completed. Different musical rhythm tempos will lend themselves to different frenetic reflex challenges. Programmed in Actionscript 2.

Soundmachine Animation

Promotional Introduction for 'Soundmachine' Musical Events. The logo at the end was the only element not designed by myself. A brief narrative was outlined and a piece of music given - all graphics and animation were created from scratch. Personally it allowed a new challenge in layering and considering perspective, as well as the usual thoughts in composition and characterisation.
The particular image above links through to a different 'Agent Smith' edition, edited for a friends presentation.

Comazone! Game

Undergraduate University degree magnum opus; a hybrid of two different styles of game - adventure driven where the story unfolds, and arcade sequences which requires rhythm and shoot-em-up driven gameplay. To view the Production Analysis, please click here. For game animations on their own, please click here.
The particular image above links through to a different streamlined edition called 'Collect!' - a rebuild using the same engine. Only Chapter I is playable.